Transducer NT25


  • Totally digital proprietary design
  • Innovative redundent sensing elements
  • 24V digital output for pressure or temp switch point
  • Voltage and current outputs
  • Custom pressure Ranges and outputs available
  • More standard pressure ranges, Industry First
  • Optional 4x or 10x over pressure (on most ranges)
  • 0.25% accuracy
  • ASIC technology, no zero/span potentiometers
  • All stainless steel welded housing
  • IP-69K rated seal available (high pressure wash down)
  • Innovative low current consumption, ideal for custom wireless solutions
  • Programable systems available for OEM/systems integrators for in-house configuring of outputs, ranges and set points to reduce inventory and lead times
  • Calibration Certificates available (contact customer service)


The NT25 Series digital/configurable (an industry first) industrial pressure transducer features stability and accuracy over a wide temperature range at lower cost than competitive units typically not found in older analog designs yet is plug and play with most lower grade competitive units.

With its proprietary digital/ASIC technology, the NT25 Series features field proven redundant sensing elements without the need for solder in resistors or trim pots that can drift over time. This provides years of excellent performance and reliability even in the harshest/demanding applications. This combined with optional 4x or 10x over pressure and the optional integrated temperature or pressure digital switch feature, makes the NT25 Series truly an industry first and second to none.

For extreme applications where power washers are used for wash down, the NT25 Series optional IP69K seal, another industry first, makes it ideal no matter what the environment.

With its flexible low power design and lower manufacturing costs, the NT25 Series offers outstanding value and makes it ideal for custom wireless applications.


CAD Configurator


CAD Configurator

Please review the product catalog for all operating specifications before configuring.