NESD Pressure Switch / Transducers


  • Compensated temperature: -40° C to 85° C
  • Operating temperature: -40° C to 100° C
  • Power supply: 10.5 VDC to 28 VDC
  • Display: 4-digit, bi-color display (red or green)
  • Outputs: Digital: 250 mA max (PNP) or 200 mA max (NPN), or optional analog output: up to 10 VDC or up to 20 mA (field selectable)
  • Media connection: ¼-inch NPT, 7/16-20 UNF, G 1/4
  • Pressure ranges: Wide variety up to 10K psig


What makes the patented NESD model stand apart is the unique LED display - which allows for 360° scrolling, or you can lock the display in one location. It also features field-programmable set points and hysteresis.

The NESD model incorporates redundant sensing technology, allowing for notification that the sensor needs to be replaced before it might fail, eliminating operational downtime.

The NESD model pressure switch/transducer comes standard with one digital output (NPN or PNP), optional analog output, operates from 10.5 to 28 VDC, and is IP67 certified.

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CAD Configurator

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