For every application, a solution.

At our core, Nason is about solving problems for our customers. Our team of experts is committed to working with you — listening to your specific needs, then developing the right solution for you. Here are just a few applications where Nason's precision-machined, space-saving cylinders made all the difference.

Stronger Stopper Cylinders

A company that manufactures refrigerators experienced frequent issues with their stopper cylinders. During this company’s production process, refrigerators travel on a pallet along a conveyer belt. These pallets are stopped at various points along their route by stopper cylinders. The company’s existing stopper cylinders were damaging the pallets over time and had to be replaced frequently.

Nason worked with the manufacturer to design a stopper cylinder specifically for their production line that caused no harm to the pallets. Additionally, we designed the component to fit within the footprint of the existing machine, so there were no modifications needed to the customer’s equipment. The Nason stopper cylinders bolted directly to the machine and kept the manufacturer from experiencing down time as a result of repurchasing materials or redesigning the machine.

Innovative Guided Cylinders

This customer needed a cylinder that could withstand adverse conditions. Part of the company’s production process is to fill battery casings with acid, a process during which, acid often spills over the edge of the casing and onto the guided cylinders. The standard cylinder they were using was made of aluminum, which disintegrates within a short amount of time when exposed to acid. Stainless steel was a better option, but still would not eliminate the issue.

Compact and Resilient Thrusters

This customer had a long standing relationship with another cylinder manufacturer. The company’s engineers had used several standard components from this manufacturer with success and placed an order for thrusters from the same company.

When the thrusters were installed, the company discovered they could not withstand the side load pressure delivered from the application. The machine was already designed according to the specifications of this thruster and therefore a larger thruster could not be ordered. Additionally, the brackets were already manufactured and in place.

The company came to the our team, who was able to increase the diameter of the guide rod and add wear bands to the piston, which increased the side loading capabilities without increasing the overall envelope size. The Nason thruster was designed both stronger to withstand the application and smaller to fit within the customer’s current machine.

Air Cylinder with Vacuum Generator

We worked closely with a customer on a ‘pick and place’ application within their production process. Our team designed and manufactured a single-ended, hollow-rod with a spring-return, nose-mounted air cylinder, with a vacuum generator mounted directly to the back end of the component.

Allowing for the closest pick up point possible, saved crucial space within the customer’s application. Additionally, the Nason team identified a vacuum as an inexpensive alternative to a traditional mechanical gripper, saving the customer valuable resources.