Laser Etching

Custom quality so precise, it bears our name — and yours.

Imagine a fully custom switch or cylinder, designed and built exactly to spec, then individually laser-etched with your name and part number. Now it’s not just customized, it’s your very own. Click to make our custom quality your own with laser etching.

Nason Cylinders

A smarter approach to cylinders.

Don’t waste time and money designing around a standard component. Get exactly what you need with Nason custom-engineered cylinders.
Click here to learn more about our space-efficient, precision-manufactured cylinders and to request a free sample.

Special Components

Debunking the Myths:
It’s Time to Rethink
Special Components.

It’s true: application-specific components can actually help you save resources in the long run. Not convinced? Click here to listen to our in-house expert discuss the time and cost savings of specifying custom.


You asked for it and we
delivered. To the letter.

With the new CF switch, we've built on the robust technology of our CD line to bring you exactly the features you need — and none you don't. By calibrating your specified set point in the factory, we've made the CF roughly 25% smaller than its adjustable counterpart. Click here to learn more about the CF by accessing our sales sheet.

Soak It

Go ahead. Soak it.

When the mess is intense, so is the cleanup. That’s why we offer a wide range of corrosion- resistant components specifically designed to function in the most demanding conditions. Click here to experience the heavy-duty clean.


Make the switch. Literally.

Nobody knows what you need like you do. So make your own preset, fully tested switch using the widest range of electrical connections in the industry. Click to request your sample today.


Sixty years of experience.
One proven approach.

Whether for the military, foodservice, healthcare or industrial market, Nason manufactures space-saving components for today’s most demanding applications — hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, switches and transducers that deliver maximum power and durability in a smaller footprint than ever.